Hostname vs. Domain Name: Discover the Difference

Are you wondering what the difference between hostname and a domain name is? You have come to the right place! Discover all information you need to know!

Hostname and Domain Name Explained

For all those who want to know what a hostname is, here is what you should know – a hostname is a particular name pointing to a particular web host. Regardless of the name, the length of the name, and etc. the hostname can point the web host. In other words, it is the name that we use to refer a particular web host provider or web host server. If a business company or an individual has their own personal network system with their own personal domain names to use, then this business company or individual can create a hostname as simple as a name with one word only. Only a few business companies and individuals have their own non-public domain names.

Besides hostname, you can probably hear the term FQDN or fully qualified domain name. Many people get confused when they see this term as a fully qualified domain name does not actually represents the “domain name” such as but it represents the name of the domain. We understand that this may be confusing to you, but make sure to keep this in mind, so you can make a difference between domain name and the name of the domain. This term is usually used in program descriptions and official documents.

On the public part of the online world or the Internet as we know it, we all use a DNS infrastructure that utilize popular and top-level domain names such us .com, .org, .net, .us, .ru, .fr, and others. All people and business companies can buy domain names on those top-level domains. Very often we can see hostnames such as or All of these are known as logical hostnames as they are usually the names pointing to a specific host. The host these hostnames are pointing to have its own personal hostname named whatever the owner wants to name it.

A lot of confusion or misunderstanding come from the web hosting service providers as they started to call the hostnames as subdomains and they are certainly not subdomains.

Just stick to the explanation we’ve provided and you will have no problems or confusions at all. You will be able to know the difference between a hostname and a domain name.

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